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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who manufactures The Barking Green Eco Lounge, Blankets and toys?

A.  All products requiring  listed on www.barkinggreenaustralia.com are manufactured by Eco Filling Australia.


Q. Who is Eco Filling Australia?

A. We are a small business based in Victoria, Australia. In addition to our range of Organic Pet products we also sell loose eco friendly fibre fill at www.ecofilling.com.


Q. How long will it take to receive my order?

A. Listed items in stock will be dispatched usually within 3 business days.  Custom Made orders can take from 3 and up to 6 weeks as fabrics are ordered in especially for your item. Once your item is ready it will be shipped and a tracking number will be sent to you.


Q. I am against using animal products, can you provide an alternative filling other than wool?

A. Yes, we can offer Certified Organic cotton filling if you do not want to use organic wool in your bed.


Q. Why use Organic cotton?

A.  Most people are horrified to discover that conventional cotton production involves the extensive and damaging use of soil fumigants, synthetic fertilisers, highly toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and defoliants, all of which can lead to a multiple of health and environmental problems. By contrast, organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers, growth regulators, chemical pesticides, irrigation or genetic engineering. In addition our cotton is not fumigated at customs.


Q. Why use Organic Wool?

A. Organic agriculture protects the health of people and the planet by reducing the overall exposure to toxic chemicals from synthetic pesticides that can end up in the ground, air, water and food supply. Because organic agriculture doesn’t use toxic and persistent pesticides, choosing organic products is an easy way to help protect yourself.  (source http://www.ota.com/organic/environment/wool.html)


Q. Can I machine wash your products?

A. Yes, all of our fabrics are pre-washed and pre-shrunk for your convenience unless otherwise listed.  You may still have a very small amount of shrinkage which is perfectly normal when using 100% cotton. All of our removable covers can be machine washed. Toys can also be machine washed. Organic wool can be washed -preferably by hand, please do not spin as this will make it very tangled. If you do need to replace your fillings at any time please contact us or visit our Eco Filling Website.


Q. Do you sell wholesale?

A. No. Unfortunately due to limited amounts of Organic Wool we are unable to supply retail outlets with Organic Wool filled beds. The Barking Green Eco Lounge is unique and therefore only available to purchase here.


Q. Would you custom make something for me?

We can make any size or shape of eco lounge, using different fabrics and other fills besides organic - please contact us for more information and a quote.